• Nao Shimamura
    Nobutake Dogen
  • Vincent Roché
  • 15mn
  • 2 players
  • 10+

District Noir, the first game by Spiral Editions, is finally here !

Compete with your opponent to take control of the city in this two players game.

Great replayability.

Extremely simple rules.

Short plays but with a really strategic tension.

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Big Magic the Gathering fan from the start, Guillaume came to buy his cards in the shop where Mathias worked. A thousand games of Race for the Galaxy later, the idea of publishing boardgames himself was still very present. Guillaume, in addition to beeing an Excel Master (always handy to have someone comfortable with numbers) he is before anything else an insatiable player, always willing to play to any kind of game.

Mathias has a publisher background : he worked for Matagot for a while, then he worked for a manga and youth litterature publisher. He always kept a foot in the boardgame world by participating in two boardgame related french podcasts : La Radio des Jeux and Playback

Théo is now a successfull boardgame designer who has over fifty games published so far (The Loop, Draftosaurus, Bag of Chips...). His sharp game design skills and his knowledge of the in's and out's of boardgame world are great assets for a boardgame company !

Yannick has settled in Japan for a long time now and if you had the chance to play some of the best japanese' games like Time Bomb, Paper Tales or more recently Happy city you can thank him for discovering them. His boardgame expertise is a well known fact. He is the one who found District Noir, our first game, a two player gem.

Spiral Editions is a french boardgame publisher, impulsed by four friends brought together by boardgames.

First there is Guillaume and Mathias, who met over 15 years ago. They can count on Théo and Yannick by their side.

So, what kind of games can you expect to find at Spiral Editions?

It is hard to sum up our intentions as we are first of all looking for games that strike us as "coups de coeur", games that touch our hearts. We will not define strict and precise formats or collections. However here is what you should find in all our games :

  • Tactical games with a strong feeling of strategical tension, but with a relatively short playing time.
  • Games with a hight replayability and learning curve.
  • Strong visual identity.

Our biggest success will be that our games get a permanent spot on your game shelves !